March 17, 2011

Craig's 38th Birthday Cake

For Craig's birthday, my sister wanted a cake to celebrate him and what a great guy he is. We came up with a design that made him a star and used words that describe him to decorate it. The layers were Chocolate Oreo, Cinnamon Roll, and Coconut Pecan.  The Coconut Pecan was really special because it is a favorite cake flavor from childhood.  We didn't have the exact recipe but were able to recreate it from Craig's memory. Happy Birthday Craig!


  1. Wow! You are very talented!

  2. Hey Brooke- I was forwarded your blog and it is so cute. I am excited to follow you and see all your amazing stuff. You are so talented! xo- Mary Jolley

  3. Yeah! Found your blog - good for you for getting it started!! NOW - get those pictures up of your grandma's cake - do you need pictures of the cupcakes you did for us? AWESOME!